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    Trip Report - Europa Park Germany - May 2018

    Hi there all of the PC community .

    Besides building Rollercoasters and themeparks with PC we regualy visit Theme parks in real life.
    Most of the time we are traveling around as a closed friend group "Coaster Heroes" or as Staff member of the Benelux devision of the European Coaster Club also known as the ECC.

    This time we made the trip to Europa Park as a family trip for the May break.

    Please find our Trip report Video below:

    Now the photo report of our 2 day trip to Europa Park starting @ Rotterdam.

    Ready and set to go!

    somewhere half way in Germany

    Our home for the comming 3 days

    Couldnt book closer to the resort than this


    As kind of tradition we start with a walk around the park.

    Panorama view of Silverstar

    Jesse is listening if there is still a train on the track

    Blue Fire. Tomorrow it will be Jesse it's first ride on this coaster

    Wodan Timber Coaster

    So now completed our walk it's time to put Jesse in bed for a good night of sleep.
    Parks opens at 9:00 AM so we have to go up early.

    Not open to the public yet. Revisit has been planned for September.

    Starting with the latest addition to the park "Voletarium" The best flight simulator I have experienced so far.

    In search for some breakfast at the bakery

    New coaster build inside "Moulin Rouge Themed"

    Jesse is smoking out the terras

    Euro Mir - We kept this one a surprise for Jesse as he did not knew better he wasn't allowed to ride this coaster.

    He took that very well

    The point Iris heard a phone ringing in her car that was not hers. Left on the empty seat next to here. She saved somebody's day

    A still made with the Go-Pro

    Up to Blue Fire.

    Our little Coaser Hero seems to be a little bit nervous (Or just borred of waiting)

    Then up to Wodan.

    Defenately one of his favourits

    Waiting for some cooling down

    Fairytale section

    Up to Ireland!

    Coaster Iris and Jesse are ready for the dragon dance

    Jesse and water. always a good combination

    Lunch time!


    And to the hauntedhouse

    some scene inside

    Suddenly back home in Holland

    Jesse and water


    River rapid

    Pegasus at Greece Section

    Poseidon Water coaster

    Getting some view

    Dropping down some new coaster track

    Silverstar - The power coaster of B&M

    Finishing of with a nice coctail at the Colessea Resort

    With best regard. Thanks for reading!

    Iris85, Jesse and me

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    Awesome to hear about your trip and seeing your pictures! I am going for the first time this year and it's made me even more excited
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