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    I had American Arrow coaster, and I decided to decorate it.

    My partner donated blood for first time and it inspired me the theme, vampire. Dracula. First it was named Blood Transfusion but it was too long a name.

    It is still work in progress.

    You are welcome to give me suggestions and inputs. I need to decorate the "backyard" more.

    Then I will upload to workshop.
    Coaster station is in form of a crypt.

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    Originally Posted by Helena View Post (Source)
    You are welcome to give me suggestions and inputs.
    Very nicely creepy! I likes it

    As a suggestion, you could recolor some of the slime special effects to make blood drips and fountains, seeing as giving blood was the inspiration.
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    Yes I am aware of those. I have yet to figure out to use them without looking awkward, haha!
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    Why not add a dragula(the car from the munsters pack) in the queue.Good job on the outside
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    Ha ha ha! I will consider it, and see if I can get it to work and not clash too much!
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    I have added more rugged themeing around the coaster area and tweaked the triggers (lightnings) and now I have uploaded to Workshop! The reasoning is that if I do not do that, I will never do it, so to say.

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    Great work Helena!
    Really like the theming, and you did it amazing!
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    And now ponderings...
    It says it needs dlc adventure, hmm interesting, I wonder which pieces are such. Hmm! Do you know how to find it other than going through manually one by one?

    I decided against adding Dragula because of different styles and for minimizing the DLC need.
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