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    Favorite user-made scenarios!

    Let me know who made the best scenarios, other than yourselves?
    I would love to see a scenario contest! or at least a listing of quality scenarios.

    Quality as in both good play and beautifully made.
    E dor Planet Coaster! #TeamPC #CosmicCowWow

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    I'd love to play all the RCT-1 recreations!

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    Looks nice! How did it play? Was it good and nicely paced?
    E dor Planet Coaster! #TeamPC #CosmicCowWow

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    Now my contribution of parks I have played.

    Micro Park


    Not most beautiful ever, but it is a fun park to play because of its size. I was inspired by the small size and made a cute Scandinavian style park and filled every space with foliage.

    Was it challenging? Not too challenging actually, but still nice to play.

    I think I need to make a more challenging micro park!
    E dor Planet Coaster! #TeamPC #CosmicCowWow

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    Originally Posted by Helena View Post (Source)
    Looks nice! How did it play? Was it good and nicely paced?
    Not to hard, it was more the surrouding landscape that lured me into this one.

    Just a simple fun scenario.

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    It is as good reason as any!

    Easy scenarios are good too. It is mostly if it is really bugged out that is annoying. We can have favorites both for the beauty of park and for the challenge aspect.
    E dor Planet Coaster! #TeamPC #CosmicCowWow

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    Originally Posted by Luuknoord View Post (Source)
    I liked this one:


    Grand Valley, by Boochoo
    This one is impressive. I just like it. Thanks.

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