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Thread: both iron chimneys now white

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    I was just joking, lilibat! I know your aesthetics!
    Of course on those I want them to be recolorable as it should be. I think everything should be recolorable! Even things like tree leaves and stems.
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    So I can say, that even after the Update that hit last night, all the iron pieces are still coming out White. Will this ever be fixed? Totally strange how this suddenly happened. I also heard from another player that the water has been acting up a little bit as well, he claimed that it looke like it overflowed the area it was sappose to be in? Any answers as to when these bugs will be fixed?

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    They should make the chimneys recolorable and the trim on the castle spires. It seems that the updates break things as well as improve and fix things.

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