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    Galaxy Spin - by Fisherman


    So I'm finally putting Galaxy Spin from Kaleidoscope Piers on the workshop. I tweaked the queue and made the building a bit more workshop-friendly.

    You can get it here:

    Take a spin on an out-of-control flying saucer in this early 2000s-era cheesy coaster-in-a-box. The coaster itself is a pretty accurate Maurer Rides GmbH model SC2000 all enclosed in a big black box with stars and a few cheap props here and there. It's old and loud but it's TONS of fun! It's the perfect air-conditioned break from the summer heat out on the boardwalk.

    New video of the updated ride:

    and a few new screenies:

    Queue instructions are on signs on the ground.

    And here's the image for the ride operator's monitor screen:

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    Looks very nice. The layout is great and the scenery takes me back to 1990 .
    Itīs a Little Kind of Space Center Theme at Phantasialand....

    Love it!


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    as always - your work is great. this is simple, but to the point and is a nice ride, especially for this type of park.

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    Looks great! Really clever and SO compact! Great job!

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    Such a great job! Love the compact nature and the way ypu have used the lighting! Well done

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