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    Hello from Germany

    Hi at all,

    I am Samplerocker.
    Yes, now I am here, too.

    Someone will know me from a other german Website or knows my activity for RCT3, too.

    Please, my english was not needed the last 25 years, so excuse me if I dont write correctly. I try my best.

    What should you know about me?
    Iīm from Germany, 42 years old, got a wife and 2 childrens and play this great game to get a free head after doing my Job. There was a time that I cant ride coasters in reallife, and this starts my power to coastergames.
    I am modelling in Blender rides and objects - full animated, till Jan 2017 for RCT3 - now we must see...

    See us here again.


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    Hey, nice to meet you
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    Planet Coaster Ambassador JoŽl's Avatar
    Hi Samplerocker, welcome to the Planet Coaster forums!

    Enjoy the game! I'm sure that you will find Planet Coaster a great game to play after work.
    Muara Creoshama! Merry Christmas!

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    Thanks for the welcomes.
    Yes, itīs fantastic!

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    Guten Tag!

    Willkommen, ich freue mich darauf zu sehen was Sie machen.. Ja mein Deutsch ist nicht das Gelbe von Ei

    egal, Hallo!

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    Hello and welcome to this wonderful community!

    Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy the game as well as your time here on the forums :-)
    Maybe you might share some of your creations once?

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    steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Games4Tom/myworkshopfiles/

    YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdN...1xMkhPlaJYXBtA

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    Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome to the wonderful Planet Coaster community! I'm sure you'll have a great time

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