The Old Mill at Kaleidoscope Piers

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    The Old Mill at Kaleidoscope Piers

    The Old Mill at Kaleidoscope Piers!

    Having recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, The Old Mill is one of the only two remaining rides on the piers from before the turn of the century (1900, that is, for you young folks)...the other being the Leap-the Whees side friction coaster. The Old Mill has undergone a few changes over the years, most significantly being its major upgrade in the 1990s during which the ride was closed for 8 months while the trough was completely refinished, the drop was fit with modern safety features, and all new boats were added. But...the ride maintains its classic "tunnel of love" vibe. I hope you enjoy the ride...and don't forget to steal a kiss (or two) with your sweetie in those dark, meandering tunnels.


    and some screenies:

    The turn-around before the drop is on top of the old Pizza Pen restaurant building:

    It gives nice views of the pier at night:

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    Great piece of work - and a great video too, merging the old with the new.

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    Fisherman you are an old skool legend!
    Once again you amaze us in your own unique special way,
    Love your the way you have added the lights and ambiance to your woodie.
    This is just awesome!
    basically makes my try at making a pier, just Soooo amature!.....
    Early bird, Vip pass, Coaster head , Just another Gay dude!

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    Great work Fisherman.
    This is cool as all from you

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    Thank you very much, guys!! I appreciate the feedback (which is hard to get here, it seems).

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