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Thread: Staff category lists show no staff

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    Staff category lists show no staff


    Most of the time

    Area of Game Affected
    Text and User Interface

    In Park Management page under Staff section there is staff details in different categories (Techicians, Vendors, etc). Unfortunately it does not work most of the time when we click into the section, but instead display an empty list.
    We are forced to go back to the section with all the staff to see the staff members. This leads to insecurity whether any members of a specific category are employd at all, or if it is the list being broken.
    We have multiple times employed new janitors believing all the previous had quit, when in reality it was the GUI that was broken and didn't show them.

    Steps to Reproduce
    We cant tell, as it happens iregularly, but quite often. Something like 60% of the times opening the window.
    It might have become more severe as the number of staff increased, but the again, we are not sure.

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    I can confirm this bug. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

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    Can confirm that I can't see any mechanic's and security guards in their dedicated staff management list.

    When selecting "all staff" I can see them listed and select them.

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    Thanks for the report. I have not been able to reproduce this one myself, do you find it occurs more often after hiring a certain number of staff members?

    Some screenshots would be useful, so the next time you encounter it please grab ones and post it up here (a shot of the 'All Staff' panel as well as the specific staff type panel).

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    Ok, I will be on the look out, and grab a screenshot next time it happens. A screenshot of an empty list...
    I guess the one with all the staf will prove more usefull.

    If I find a logic to it I will let you know.

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    Ok, I got three images that might help.

    First an image of the problem, the empty list. In this case security guards are affected. Note how it doesnt say "You have no...", its just empty.

    Then an image of all my staff, sort of, you can see that I have at least one security guard among my staff.

    Then I noticed something intresting. When selecting the Work Rosters tab, the list instead contains the text "SECURITY GUARD You have no..."
    This is double wrong. I havent selected security guards, and I do have at least one guard in my staff.

    I hope these images will be helpful.

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    Do you still expect more information from me? I notice my bug report remain in the category "Needs more..", but perhaps you seek that information internally?

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