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    Hi! I like to play a few games, Planet Coaster being one of them! I also like Zoo Tycoon 2, Farming Simulator 17, and Cities Skylines. I am also really looking forward to the Jurassic World Evolution game being developed by Frontier. I don't have an amazing PC, so when I first purchased Planet Coaster I was not able to play it, because it would freeze and lag to the point that it was not playable, but ever since I set the graphics to low quality, it has worked just fine and I've really been enjoying it! I was finally able to create a decent park with a couple coasters, lots of rides, and about 2,000 guests!

    Anyways, nice to meet you all, hope I can learn some more about Planet Coaster from this forum!

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    Hi Dinosaur,

    Welcome aboard the Planet Coaster forums! I wish you a great time here and with the game.
    Fee free to ask questions about the game, should you have them.

    I am also looking forward to Jurassic World Evolution

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    Hey Dinosaur! Welcome. Glad it worked out in the end to play
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