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    Phantom Mansion spooky Dark ride

    hi !! I just finished my first spooky dark ride, it took a while to put everything together but it's done !! it's about 10 000 pieces, so i can't make a blue print :-( but i upload the park in the workshop ! Dare you take a ride ?

    Feel free to feedback !

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    Very well done! That's rocking use of the swivel chair to keep focus throughout the ride. Makes me a bit jealous.
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    very nice. Couple of things. 1. how did you get the special effects to reflect the colors/light? 2. this should be moved to tracked rides, not be in flat rides.

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    That was incredible! You used effects in truly innovative ways. Well done!

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    Thank you ! i spent a little time doing this you can download it in the workshop to see how it's done

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