NOTICE: Community Meeting Phantasialand 2018

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Thread: Community Meeting Phantasialand 2018

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    Community Meeting Phantasialand 2018

    Hello again, members of the Planet Coaster community : )

    This week we announced the Community Meeting Efteling 2018 and today I am pleased to announce another meeting for 2018.

    Community Meeting Phantasialand 2018
    Saturday 23 June 2018

    Time and location
    We plan to meet everyone around 08:30 AM, after which we will enter the park at 9:00 AM. The park will be open until 6:00 PM local time (CEST). The location where we will meet before entering the park will be determined on a later date. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available, so keep an eye on this thread (you can subscribe to it and enable notifications). We have yet to pick one of the entrances of Phantasialand to meet each other. If it seems more practical, we might decide to meet on a location in the park instead.

    Please keep in mind that it might be a busy day in the park, depending on events and weather conditions. Opening times and events in the park are subject to change without further notice.

    The organisation will once again only be the date; everyone will be responsible for their own costs such as park entrance tickets, parking, transport, overnight stay and/or food, drinks and souvenirs, and everyone will also be responsible for their own health and safety.

    We look forward to meet you during the Community Meeting! Let's enjoy an awesome day together!

    Let us know that you are joining the meeting
    Do you want us to know that you are going to join us in the park? Then please let us know by informing JoŽl on the forums. If you have any questions about the Community Meeting, then please also contact JoŽl.

    Click here to send JoŽl a PM.

    We wish you an extremely enjoyable day with the Planet Coaster community in Phantasialand!

    The team
    Rik, Robin, Micrajo and JoŽl

    Location of Phantasialand
    BerggeiststraŖe 31-41
    50321 BrŁhl

    Association, organisation and responsibility
    This Community Meeting is not associated with Frontier Developments and Phantasialand. This Community Meeting will be organised by the community, not by Frontier Developments or Phantasialand. Frontier Developments, Phantasialand and the community members organising this Community Meeting do not take any responsibility for anyone who is attending this Community Meeting or events that may or may not take place during this Community Meeting.

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    I've just posted this announcement in the German Planco community of
    The most important things I wish in PlaCo: Some more family/junior rides, a powered coaster, a bobslet coaster, some more water rides (Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean etc), and more scenery objects.

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    We will do our best to be there!

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    Coaster Head Edition - New PC soon!!

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    A community meeting at Phantasialand? Wow thats awesome! Canīt wait to see how you like this park and have some rides with ya
    Early Bird + Coaster Head + Single VIP =

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