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    The Burning -SW8/Wickerman Heavily Inspired GCI-WORKSHOP RELEASE

    There is ritual in these lands...
    An ancient rite of passage held sacred by The Order....
    A rite of fire and sacrifice...
    Shunned by the modern age....
    The Order have returned from hiding...
    And with their return comes the act of ....

    T H E B U R N I N G


    Taken with great inspiration from the upcoming Wickerman/SW8 at Alton Towers ,The Burning is my interpretation of what could be and what may be of SW8
    Complete with a giant custom "Wickerman" structure comprising of a fully automated "show" for riders and spectators alike, The Burning will take you into the heart of The Order's sacred ritual, with multiple passes through the structure and near misses with the Wickerman and the fire that bellows from its ignition, With the ritual beginning from the sound of the ancient horns, The fires light the smoke builds, with every pass through the Wickerman the fire interaction rapidly increases with the final pass putting you straight for the flames! , But the journey doesn't end there, The Burning takes you one step further in an effort to "FEED THE FLAMES" one last time , A 40 second post show hidden within an enclosed building before returning back to the safety of the loading bay...should you survive the finale!

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    The Burning is now complete Available on the workshop as one of 4 attractions in The Village

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    No replies?! This ride is phenomenal! Everybody needs to check it out. Great coaster, great effects, great surprises, great theming. I love it.

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