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    Featured Creator: Thim_V

    Every month we put four amazing Planet Coaster creators in the spotlight; each Featured Creator will have one week dedicated to them, their amazing Workshop, and other wonderful contributions to our community. This final month we are talking to Rudi Rennkamel, Whitesider, Thim_V, and DeLadysigner, who can also be found on the Planet Coaster globe!

    The tiniest of details belong to: Thim_V!
    Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thim_v/.../?appid=493340

    How did you get started with Planet Coaster?
    Back in the day I played a lot of RCT1 and 2 with my sister and we had the time of our lives I was making the beautiful parks, and my sister was crashing the coasters.
    And since then I really liked simulation games but always missed that one thing that makes a game awesome. And then I saw Planet Coaster!
    When I saw this game I thought I have to have this! And I bought myself a new PC and the first thing I did was buy the Planet Coaster Alpha, and Iím still happy I did!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    I'm Tim! 27 years old and I work and live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    I work in Fashion and when Iím not working I love to go to the movies and museums with my friends.
    I read a lot of books and I never say no to a glass of wine

    What inspires you?
    Just walking around in the city and looking at buildings, taking pictures of them and trying to make it in the game.
    Other theme parks, like the Efteling or Phantasialand and zoos.
    And of course other creators, sometimes you see creations in the workshop and Iím amazed about what they can make!

    What is your favourite feature in the game?
    I was so happy when we got the feature to rotate everything X Y and Z!
    Back in Alpha you couldnít change the colour or rotate the objects.
    I know it sounds like a small thing but now you can make so many things out of just one object.

    What makes you and your creations stand out?
    I love to make creations with lots of detail!
    Just a small plant in the corner or a window blind that is a little bit on a angle, one window broken and the others are still perfect, I really like does small things.
    I can spend hours and hours on a small building that i'm making, making things look authentic with vines growing over it. Some planks covering a hole in the roof making it look like itís been there for a ages.

    Tell us a little bit about your creative process!
    I just have an idea and I google some images for inspiration and start working on it, most of the blueprints I do in one day but the bigger ones can take up to some weeks, I take screenshots and put them on my phone so I can look at them and make notes and change things up.
    Also I get inspired by other games and movies when I last saw Pirates of the Caribbean I made a lot of Pirate themed blueprints, and when i finished Uncharted 4 I made the Ruined blueprints.

    What is your favourite creation so far?
    The Flying Dutchman.
    I was inspired by the Halve Maen in the Efteling when we went there with the Community meeting.
    Iíve been there so many times before but when you are there with people who have never been there, you look at things a different way.
    I really tried to make typical Dutch houses with a lot of detail and I think it worked out.

    How do you feel about being a part of the Planet Coaster community?
    The people in this community are amazing.
    Everyone is really nice to each other and giving positive feedback to one another.
    I never expected to meet so many new friends within a gaming community and it is awesome!

    Whatís your favourite mascot?
    I think Iím going for Captain Lockjaw!
    But I probably would be fired the next day because I would scare people the whole time!

    Pass on the Praise!
    There are multiple!
    But I really like Games4Tom he makes these awesome scary blueprints even before we had the scary pack
    PixelWess also makes these amazing blueprints and whole parks you can visit, the amount of detailing he does is insane.
    And Whitesider, I always thought I was doing a good job with placing things on a weird angle, but what he does is awesome!
    And there are still so many more that inspire me!

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    Amazing interview :-) Great to get to know a bit more about you :-)
    Have a wonderful week :-)
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    YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdN...1xMkhPlaJYXBtA

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    Thanks for the interview, Thim!

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    It was wonderful to meet you Thim! I love your work and you always have great ideas
    - Planet Coaster - - Harry Potter - - Crafts - - Coding -

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    Originally Posted by BryceFoxdon View Post (Source)
    How do we become featured creators?
    Frontier has announced that they have ended their 'Featured Creators' program. They did this during one of the last livestreams of 2017.

    Featured Creators were chosen by Frontier based on their creativity, activities on YouTube and Twitch and their support for the game; it was not something you could apply for.

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