[1.4.3] Guests not getting into coaster

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Thread: Guests not getting into coaster

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    Guests not getting into coaster



    Area of Game Affected

    After starting up a save of the new Gulpee career mode, I noticed that guests were not entering the coaster car of the Cascade (water coaster).
    The picture shows that the guests have entered the platform, but they are just standing there without movement. The other cars have piled up in the station as the front car does not leave without its passengers:

    This bug is not due to a breakdown of the coaster, as that hasn't occurred in the timespan of the save. I haven't had issues with this type of bug before. It is also not the first time that I loaded the park with the ride opened.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Build the Cascade coaster (in a scenario)
    2. Save and quit the game
    3. After starting the game and loading the save file (a second time), the coaster was not functioning properly

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    Please can you share the park save in which this is happening so I can check it out?

    Park saves can be found in a folder with your SteamID in the following location:

    C:\Users\%username%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster

    Once you have located the save in question, simply zip it and upload to a file sharing site of your choice (such as Dropbox).

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    Originally Posted by Rbase View Post (Source)
    I know its not a real fix but doesmt delete ctrl z fix it. And stops it from happening again?

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    Technically yes, at least for a little while, as all the guests on the ride and in the queue will just respawn at the exit of the coaster. I would have done this if this was a sandbox. However, this is a scenario and as the guests would get their ride tickets refunded it would put the park into a massive debt.

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    I did some more testing today. After fixing the issue using Luuknoord's trick, I continued playing the scenario and did not see this issue again while playing.

    What I then tried to do is save the game right at the moment the peeps are entering the vessel:

    Sure enough, after reloading, these peeps (not all of them, only the ones entering the front and back rows) were stuck on the platform and the same problem occurred.
    I hope this helps.

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