An Idea for An Update With Working Train/Path Crossings

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    An Idea for An Update With Working Train/Path Crossings

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet in the forums, but I was just thinking about this.

    Now that we have those barrier objects that eliminate guests from crossing them on pathways, wouldn't it be amazing if we could make those barriers triggerable?

    See where I'm going with this? So you have a train track crossing a path, with 2 barriers (one on each side of the track) buried under the path. By default the barriers could be set to off (or it could be a tick-box or something within the object's UI window. Then, as the train approaches, a trigger on the track triggers the barriers, causing them to "activate" or turn on. This could of course then be paired with some new train gate objects and animation assets of gates lowering and such to compliment the barrier illusion on either side. Of course we already have lights and such we could trigger and bells and such, but it's the actual barriers that we're missing. Until now. We just need them to be triggerable.

    Just a thought.

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    What happens to the peeps trapped between the barriers?

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    Well. I think you could perhaps use a work-around for this: First trigger a set of barriers that are a couple of seconds walking distance away from the actual crossing (so peeps would stop walking towards the crossing, but those at the crossing could clear it .) then trigger the second set of barriers at a time that the peeps would normally have passed the crossing, and release the far-away barriers at the same time.

    OR The geniuses at Frontier could make the barriers direction-dependent ... (like a diode)

    I could see also some other use for Direction-dependent barriers: Crowd control ! You could enforce peeps to walk on the right or left side of a path, of allow only exits/ entries at certain points ...
    So trigger-able direction dependent barriers would be the icing on a already beautifully decorated cake !
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    Originally Posted by breezerHOG View Post (Source)
    I agree, i have a suspicion it's very hard to do actually because you have to "close" a path without guests complaining that there is no path towards X.
    Also the guests should wait untill the train leaves instead of look for an alternative route.

    That being said, i still would LOVE this feature.

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    I would love to see this implemented. I have suggested before that it may just be simpler by adding a special track element in the track options and you set a trigger on the track like ride triggers. It will have gates and when you build it it will have path already on each side and then you just set the trigger as normal

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    I would love to see the possibility to easy build path down in the ground, so we can tunnel under the tracks as an option. This is connected to the missing feature of autotunneling for paths.

    But in this case. Hmm.. yes it will be needed to add a patient behaviour of the guests to wait out the train aswell.
    And yes, if guest get stuck in between. They have to suit themself.
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    It doesn't need to have barriers. Just a mechanism that stops peeps from walking on a section of path for a short time and the peeps on the section to continue their path so the track is clear.

    The crossovers for trains in Walibi and Efteling for example have no physical barriers.

    So nobody is stuck between barriers because there are none.

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