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    Building Monorail Help

    Bought the game a week ago and love it but I'm struggling to learn the controls.

    I downloaded a start park (elaborate sci-fi entrance with the start of a monorail in place). I want to do the following:

    1) Extend the monorail, which I can do but can't figure out how to add a bend, only straight tracks

    2) Raise all the existing rack to a specific height and set a specific height for the track I intend to build

    What keyboard buttons / UI settings should I be using?

    Are there any good videos that focus on hotkeys and UI settings?

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    if you go into edit mode, and select the end track piece, there there are little 'buttons' on the screen that you can pull <-> to change direction, up arrow to go up etc. then on the window at the bottom there is a button to press to place the piece. I am not great with remembering hotkeys.. however this video seems to show what I am trying to say.

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    Thanks. I acutally just figured it out. I was pressing the buttons but didn't realise you had to drag the mouse around at the same time.

    Now my problem is adding multiple custom monorail stations (from the Steam Workshop with lots of different parts). Positioning them is tricky but I managed that. Getting them to work is another matter. Unless it's impossible and you can only have 1 functional station and the rest decorative.

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    You can not connect two separate stations, they have to be built from the same starting track. If you download 2 different station blueprints, you have to delete the track from one, extend the first track, rebuild the 2nd station platform, and make sure your building is lined up around it
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