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    Vista View

    Hey all! Just wanted to share my scenario with you all! Hope you like it!

    "***NO DLC ITEMS ARE NEEDED IN THIS SCENARIO*** Vista View started life as a beautiful park on a hill. The lake at the bottom of the hill is the result of years of flooding. The previous owners installed a railway to get to the top of the hill where you will find the Vista Cafe. The beauty of the park makes this a very popular area for visitors, attracting them in larger numbers. But they want more than the railway. The owners didn't have the relationship with ride suppliers or the money to expand - the park is popular but doesn't generate much income. You have now established connections with some ride suppliers; you just need to pay to sign the contracts. You'll have plenty of money to keep you going, but you are also gaining the expenses of the current park, so act quickly. Will you turn this Vista View into a coaster corner, thrill hill or develop it as the beautiful space it is? The land behind is yours too, so go ahead! You may also want the image pack, which contains the park map and queue time board at"



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    beautiful pics!
    What are the objectives please?

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    Ooh. I'll grab them when I get home tonight

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    Glad you like!! I'm playing it too.. and I'm actually really enjoying it. I've managed to create some great scenes with this.. and I'm totally out of my usual comfort zone as I tend to like to create super detailed flat parks - this now involves having to work with foliage and terrain combined...

    Also, as promised, the scenario objectives. Like I say, I'm playing the scenario at the moment...

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    Those objectives go from 0-100 real quick. Once you get to gold it gets real difficult.

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    Haha. The reason for that is the nature of the starting park makes even the hardest of the bronze and silver ones easy.. for example it starts with a park already worth 100,000 etc and with your starting money you can bosh out 10 rides in no time. So the challenge is in the hard part.. catching 100 pickpockets in an honest community and actually taking the time to develop a massive park with the terrain etc. I almost spread the intended bronze and silver ones into harder hard ones

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    I take my rant back from earlier well partly... I'm gonna try out this scenario because it looks absolutely amazing and am already keen on getting those objective's! Thank's a lot creator! You should be the first winner of the weekly Scenario Creator Spotlight and should have a place on the opening screen! You'd should win goody's and stuff posters with autographs or something else nice... Anyway thanks for posting!

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