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    Season’s Greetings All! After 8 months of building, below are a few shots of my favorite real-world park, Hersheypark, remodeled in Planet Coaster.

    The park was modeled as it looked in 2016 – with space carved out for the Boardwalk (water park) in the event the PC team decides to release water slides and pools in the future.

    Adding a few final touches before uploading to the Workshop for you to visit the “Sweetest Place on Earth” for yourself, and try your hand at managing this massive park!

    The Park Entrance

    Looking into The Hollow we find Great Bear, Comet, and Skyrush!

    Skyrush dominates the skyline

    Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge! (Ride this one at night for the best game experience)


    More Skyrush!

    Midway America is home to Ferris Wheel, 2 wooden coasters, Wild Mouse, and the all new Laugh Track coaster (ride at night for the best game experience)

    The park's Music Express was improved with the last update

    Great Bear!

    Founder's Circle with Skyrush in the distance

    Stay tuned for more...

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    A few more images before uploading to the workshop, hopefully later this week. Also, made a summary video with a few shots as well:


    Looks like it will be a crowded day today!

    Looking down into The Hollow, we find Comet, Wave Swinger, and Great Bear.

    Another shot of The Hollow

    When installing Great Bear, the engineers had to use some creative, custom supports.

    Overview of the park from Kissing Tower, we see Kissing Tower Hill, The Hollow, and Founders Circle in the distance.

    From Kissing Tower we see Pioneer Frontier and Midway America in the distance. The undeveloped land is where the Boardwalk (waterpark) goes someday.

    Fahrenheit is opening for the day

    Tidal Force is a large shoot-the-shoot ride. Hopefully in the future the developers will release a true splash boat ride so it can be updated!

    Skyrush is the tallest coaster in the park – it packs a punch!

    Pioneer Frontier in the evening as guests try to get their last rides in

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    Looks good. I’ll have to check it out. Did you put the Dry Gulch RR in? I haven’t been to HP since 1985 I think. I was only there once or twice as a kid. They have added more rides and coasters like Dorney Park did. I live near Dorney. How about a Dutch Wonderland or Knoebels next?

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    Originally Posted by wowman
    this park looks great
    Thank you!

    Originally Posted by Robert K
    Looks good. I’ll have to check it out. Did you put the Dry Gulch RR in? ...How about a Dutch Wonderland or Knoebels next?
    Thank you! Yes, DGRR is included. Haven't been to DW in quite a long time. Knoebels would be a fun park to recreate!

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    I subscribed to the park, it is a very good recreation. But I made some adjustments to the railroad track after unlocking it, I made the grade more gentle on the section after leaving the station and over the bridge and straightened some sections and eliminated and moved some trees because the branches were too low over the track. Years ago the train had a turn around loop at each end, they must have made it a full loop at some point. You even made the two newer indoor rides Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge and Laff Trakk with theming. You made a bunch of fake rides to make them more like the real ones.

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    Do people not ride transport rides when there is just one station? The steam train and monorail are transport rides. If that is true, I wish they could somehow reprogram the train and monorail so that people will ride it as a scenic ride with just one station. In RCT3 it was the opposite. People would ride trains and monorails as a ride, not necessarily to get to a different area of the park. So people would ride them with just one station. Also years ago in the real Hersheypark the train had a western town at the other end with a shoot out, do they not have that anymore? That was back when the layout was different, around 1985, it had turning loops at each end and the train would cross the high bridge twice per run in opposite directions. You can do that in Planet Coaster, just have to overlap the tracks between the loops with collision off. I decided to try something. I extended the train ride into the area that is actually part of the waterpark and put a second station near the Tidal Wave across the path from the Nathan Hot Dog. It’s fictional. Due to the change in elevation and height between the DGRR area and the Tidal Wave area I had to do a lot of ground smoothing in that area so that the tracks weren’t buried in spots.

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    Great recreation...Entrance area looks spot on...Wish I had the patience to do this sort of thing. Good job

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    Here is a shot of a second DGRR station, completely fictional, I extended the tracks into the area where the waterpark would be, as a "what if". The tracks go along the edge by the trees then loop around in the empty area between Lightning Racer and Tidal Force. The second station is across diagonally from Nathan's Hot Dog. I did this to make the train ride a little longer and so that people will actually ride the train. I believe they won't ride it if there is just one station. I still left space though for the waterslide area between Wild Mouse and Ferris Wheel, wave pool and lazy river where the rapids ride used to be.

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