Park upload to steam not working

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Thread: Park upload to steam not working

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    Park upload to steam not working


    i cannot upload my small nice park scenario to the steam workshop. I get the error message that some content elements could not be created to upload the scenario.

    I tried to solve the problem and edit my scenario to have all stuff free / explored from beginning but upload still not possible .

    When i try to upload a complete new scenario without content it is working without error message. Please help me.


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    Have you got a screenshot of the error?


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    i do not know how to upload a screenshot here, can only insert a link to a webpage. The error is in german "Die Inhaltselemente, die benötigt werden, um den Park auf Steam Workshop hochzuladen, konnten nicht erstellt werden". The translation for it would be "The content elements needed to upload the park to steam workshop could not be created".

    Can somebody help me? When i upload a complete new park scenario i have no problems. Only my existing park cannot be uploaded.


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    I'm not familiar with the error message (or a similar English one) to know where this is being generated and we'd love a screenshot to give us a few more clues. You can take a screenshot in-game by pressing F10 which will save the image to your /Pictures/Frontier Developments/ folder. Hopefully this will show the error message but if it doesn't, try pressing Win+PrtScn instead which will save an image of your entire desktop to your /Pictures/Screenshots/ folder.

    Once you have an image that shows the error clearly, you can upload directly using the "Insert Image" button in the reply box, or if it's too big, upload it to an image sharing website like and link it to us
    Planet Coaster Customer Support Team

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    thanks for your help. I have uploaded the file on The link is:

    The error message does not really tell more as i have translated to english
    I have just tried again to upload my park but still that error message. I load my park and i create a scenario from it. After saving the scenario i would like to upload it to steam. When doing it i get the error message "content elements needed to upload park could not be created".
    Is my park perhaps to complex to upload it? It si still not very large, only about 10 till 20 percent of the map. Please help.

    Thank you

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    Can somebody help me with my error message please? I cannot upload my nice park

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