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    Stop Motion Animation Coaster

    Hello All,

    So Ive had this idea for a long time now but I havent had much motivation for creating parks etc but I wanted to share this idea from concept through to testing and Im really keen to see some of you play around with it and use it in your ideas. I feel it would be selfish of me to not share it but hopefully its a unique idea and there is a simple video below to show that the concept, although in its infancy stage, does actually work.


    Stop Motion Animation is a technique used in animation to bring static objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the object in increments while filming a frame per increment. When all the frames are played in sequence it shows movement.

    Rather than capture a frame using a camera, why not just use triggers to illuminate the static object as the coaster goes past.

    The Build

    I started off with a simple rollercoaster, preferably a hyper. The ride will need to be a dark ride so i created a box for my creating area where my prefabs and lights were going to be just so it was easier to manage.

    Now i hit afew issues as i tried animating the Delorean but the front facing lights on the vehicle are always on and therefore would illuminate the car in front that was in darkness so that was a no go, so whatever you are animating needs to be in darkness and have no ambient light etc

    Next up I realised that lights do emit some light even when turned off so be sure to face your lights away from the track so that the "bulb" cannot be seen.

    I chose to animate a car made by TokTok so thank you buddy for the prefab, hope you dont mind me using it for this.

    The Triggers

    I set 3 lights per car with the trigger a small distance in front of each car. You'll need to adapt yours based on how far the animated object is from your track + the speed of the coaster as it travels past. I set each of mine to power for 0.3 seconds and attached 1 trigger to each set of lights per car.

    Useful Testing Notes

    When youre ready to put the triggers in, save the park. Then once the triggers are done and you have covered the track in terrain, save again as a new park with the name Testing with terrain. This way, you wont have to remove the terrain to make slight adjustments. Note the adjustments once youve tested and then load the other park you just saved without the terrain and then adapt and terrain over again. Repeat until you have the triggers looking natural for the animation.

    I apologise for not making a full ride, I have afew in mind but haven't got the time to put these into practice.

    Some Ideas

    I really wanted to animate the star wars scene in the trench of the death star, animating the lasers coming towards you aswell as 1 more xwing beside you, if you make this please give me a shout so I can watch it! I also wanted to animate the delorean flying above hill valley with other mid air traffic but the flying delorean had too much light underneath the car so be careful!

    Please let me know your thoughts, I might try and make a better coaster for testing etc. Thanks for reading everyone, Video below

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    you mean like this?

    getting images/objects lined up and timed perfectly to create an animation alongside of a coaster train seems incredibly difficult. I notice you tried placing lights to flash against the cars, but it just looked like a blur. You would need precise control over the speed of the coaster, and it would take an awful lot of work to make a very short animation

    Also, you should have edited the video to begin right as the coaster was entering the tunnel because the first 50 seconds are wasted and its like then I just had to keep rewinding to actually see what was going on
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    moving to community creations, Amazing work.
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