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    Park HILM JAMIL Arabian Theme

    This is a first view of my new project I've planned for over three months. Arabien Nights/ HILM JAMIL (beautiful dream). A garden house with five fountains. Iíll post a video this weekend.

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    This looks great - how dod you get the reflective gold color?

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    Thank You!

    Very easy. Copy and rotate the treasury chest.

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    Amazing work.
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    I work on a similar project, but run a little out of ideas.

    Your garden building looks great (I like your style really very much, looks like we Germans have a fable for details) and gave me some new inspirations.

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    Amazing work @Spanky! I like the pattern on the walls. You did it with the screens, right?

    And thank you guys for your comments and the positive feedback!

    Here are new pics:

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