Dracula's Haunted Castle Niagara Falls, ON

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    Dracula's Haunted Castle Niagara Falls, ON

    This is a walk through haunted attraction with live actors on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, ON. There are several others on the street and on another street at the top of the hill. About 6 altogether plus other fun attractions including wax museums, mini golf, arcades, etc. That sign was from a photo of the sign but I had to make it darker and adjust the contrast so it wasn't so bright. When I finish it I might put it on the workshop. It might just be a hollow building except for the lobby area.

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    Here is an updated shot of the castle. I went through this over 10 years ago, as well as other haunted attractions on the street like The Haunted House, House of Frankenstein, Nightmares, and Screamers House of Horrors. Castle Dracula and Frankenstein were there since the 70's. Haunted House maybe late 70's/1980,
    and the others 1980's or 1990's. They are all still there in 2017 but Screamers has a new name, Screaming Tunnels I believe.

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    What I might do now is release it as a park file eventually because you can’t save paths with blueprints. I also thought of making a version with a ride hidden inside so that I can have the path one way going into the attraction, using queue path then regular path for the exit path back to the lobby. Either a psychola flat or hoax ride. Is there no way to block an exit path yet let people out coming from a ride exit? Or do people automatically not walk the “wrong way” on exit paths?

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