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    THANKS Frontier and PlanCoFam for: #for Anneke

    Sorry for reacting a little late, but I had a few 'bad days'.

    Through this way I want to thank Frontier heartly for the Special Livestream, dedicated to humble me.
    Showing my work and especially coming up with the idea to let the PlanCoFam finish my parks was super!

    Also super and heartwarming was how members of the PlanCoFam - most people who don't even know me - supported me.
    That was a great warm shower.

    All together this event gave me a great boost. Like I said to my husband and family: it was as if I got a few days more to live.

    Sadly, but forseen, I'm getting worse by the day. After all: lymfatic leukemia is a brutal, agressive killer. But every gods given new day I'm greatfull for the attention and support I get from hubby, family, friends, including you.

    Thanks again and Enjoy life. It's shorter than you might think, so get everything good out of it.

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    Dear Anneke,

    Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of the Planet Coaster community.

    Words do shortage about anything and I don't know what to say...

    Your legacy will live on with the players, who are together doing a wonderful collaboration to complete your legacy Egyptian and Fantasy parks. : )
    Bo will show the complete parks during the upcoming 24 hour Christmas livestream in December.

    Dear Anneke,

    I wish you the very best! May your days be as positive and bright as possible, together with your husband, friends and family.

    Lots of love


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    I wish you all the best Anneke...

    stay strong! ❤

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    The only thing I can add is to hope every day that left is the brightest possible and have a beautiful time with your family and friends.
    The planco fam will be here trucking along to make your dream parks a reality
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    Love, strength, and courage, Anneke.
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    Thanks for your warm words, JoŽl.
    It's such a wonderful thought my parks will be finished, whatever happens.
    Only pitty I cant see the result.'
    Or maybe I can.... Who knows what happens in the afterlife?
    Love you too!
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    Thanks Hon
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    Stay Strong

    Dear Anneke,

    You are a warrior for continuing to live on with your legacy that you bring, which is fantastic. - Your creations you've made are amazing.
    The PlanCoFam is always going to be here for you, and the togetherness that is present at this time is awesome.

    Thanks for everything you've done, and I wish you luck to the very last moment!


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    Anneke, you truely are an inspiration: keep Carpe-ing that Diem, despite what live throws at you! Gewoon blijven doorfietsen!

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    Hey lovely members of the forums,

    Today we received the sad news that Anneke passed away last Sunday night.

    Dear Anneke, thank you for being a wonderful part of the PlanCoFam. May you rest in peace. We will miss you

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    Dear Anneke,

    Thank you for being a part of the PlanCo Family. You will be dearly missed.

    I look forward to seeing your creations completed by everyone here and I hope you rest in peace.

    You will be missed
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    I've only just seen this thread and the tragic news that Anneke is no longer with us.

    Anneke, My heart goes out to your family and friends. May they all find strength and inspiration in your memory.

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    Rest in Peace Anneke. You'll always be with us!
    Dus oe vele folbu?

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    This is really sad news . Rest in Peace, we'll continue your beautiful creations !

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    And we did. I wanna thank Bo, and every member of Frontiers Community team for this amazing Livestream and videos of Anneke's parks. Her work neede to get into the light, to be shown, and her name needs to be remembered. She was so creative and smart, and her stuff is so beautiful. Thanks to the Discord Team that put all of this together too, the PlanCo builders. I'm so proud we did this. And so hopeful she saw it from where ever she is now.


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    Thank you Rohana.


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