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    Originally Posted by Bradleymee View Post (Source)
    add the ability to track guests

    I would like this too.
    To be able to pull their panel up, and have it persist, rather than disappearing as soon as you click something else.

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    Originally Posted by Aaronroberts12567 View Post (Source)
    Unsure if this has been questioned / answered, with the Scenario Editor, would it be possible to remove all tree's outside of the park? seems like something that may improve performance? also would be be able to fill the outside with water so any island type parks can be an actual island?
    IIUC what they said/showed in the livestream, a map is made up of the "voxel area" (the max area for the park, can be limited if you want smaller, easily edited in the scenario editor) and the "skirt" around the voxel area (optimized for performance reasons, still can't be edited by us).

    I've got a request list going here, including a nothing-but-ocean one for island parks: Scenario Editor - Park Skirts?!?

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    Originally Posted by Bo Marit View Post (Source)
    Hiya, I've asked the team and with regards to the bathrooms, you can put those in a work roster.

    As for your other question, this is currently not in the planning, but something we are looking in to .
    Thanks again Bo!
    All feedback is good feedback, ignore the angries.
    I'd always rather know it's a no than not know, you know?
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    Originally Posted by cerealfruitcakes View Post (Source)
    I also mentioned the whirly rig not being able to attract enough guests no matter the sequences so I did in fact give an actual example of it being unbalanced I just wasn't as dramatic as you wanted me to be about it.
    I don't have that problem.
    (Arctic Map Harder Challenge)

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    Originally Posted by Bitter Jeweler View Post (Source)
    I don't have that problem.


    %100 queue scenery, good -- d'ya mind telling us the ride sequence? Any triggered effects? Your recommendations?

    (Sorry for the off-topic, but I really like Whirly Rig, and it's been frustrating.)

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