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    Originally Posted by Jammy3112 View Post (Source)
    The only spooky or scary part of that screenshot is the textures
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    Planet Coaster!

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    Honestly, the best move at this point RCT-W can make is pretend that planet coaster does not exist. Ignore competing or trying to put out content when PC does. Its clear there will always be comparisons. Its clear that RCTW just wont reach the same quality. They need to concentrate on bug fixes and added the missing content. Water rides ,transport rides, dark rides. I believe unitys engine would allow for interiors to remain dark even the day. One "small" advantage RCTW could gain. They also need to add more fixes to the UGC, and offer more officially sponsored tutorials. Or at least make an effort to work with popular streamers so they put videos out.

    I mean i doubt any of this will happen. But if it did it help.

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    It's on sale again! Doesn't have anything to do with Planet Coaster's new update...surely...

    I just nominated it for "Worst game of the year" write-in for Steam awards.

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