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    Another update pushed today:

    Still on the private branch.

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    I'm braced for something irrelevant to happen lol.

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    Originally Posted by Deuce View Post (Source)
    I'm braced for something irrelevant to happen lol.
    That's the funniest thing I've read in a while!

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    Anything to do with ATARI, is a NO NO as far as I am concerned. They are nothing but a money grabbing company that prey on anyone who is foolish enough to part with their money.
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    Well, they did just upgrade their forum to a newer version of vBulletin...Pro even!

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    Originally Posted by Wagi View Post (Source)
    Well, they did just upgrade their forum to a newer version of vBulletin...Pro even!
    Does that mean it'll contain less explicit nudity moving forwards? That would be good

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    Atari is suing Nestle over a British Kit-Kat TV ad that resembled Atari's 'Breakout' game from the 70's that was shown months ago


    I laughed when I read "Nestle damaged Atari's goodwill and reputation on Facebook, Twitter and television by exploiting the name, look and feel of "Breakout," it said in a copyright and trademark infringement complaint filed on Thursday in San Francisco..."

    Reputation? LOLOL!

    "Atari said it "had to have been obvious" to Nestle that its "heist" of Atari intellectual property rights was illegal.

    "Nestle has no excuse," Atari said. "

    Where's that eye-rolling emoji?

    Maybe Atari need to raise money somehow to pay off the other lawsuits that have been brought against themselves?

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    Just when I think the comedy is over, there is always something new! Got a link to the advert so we can judge?

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    Mysteriously, of the 15 or so listing for this, all of them say the 'video is no longer available". I did find one article with a possible still from it:


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    I see two main points that I'm sure will be considered if this makes it to court:

    1) The breakout formula was copied by several other developers, so no way to prove If Nestle were inspired by the original or not.

    2) However, they did use the word 'breakout' which does give a strong reference to the Atari original. But this is somewhat watered down by the fact they have used the phrase 'take a break' for a very long time.

    To be fair I think Nestle have pushed it a little here, probably without thinking it through. I doubt this will ever get to court though, I imagine Nestle will take a look at Atari's balance sheet and decide to offer them a fairly modest out of court settlement. Atari are likely to accept as they need the money, and if they refuse and it goes to court, they could end up with nothing.

    Either way, this is about the 6th consecutive year where there is as much press about Atari legal battles as there is about the games! Got to question where their mindset is at.

    And a final thought... If cases such as this go to court they have to take into account the revenue lost due to copyright infingement. But in this case, a popular confectionary company showing off a legendary game could be said to add value to Atari's brand.

    I shall watch this unfold with limited interest

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    GREAT! Now I want a Kit-Kat...
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    Most people wouldn't have a clue if you asked people what was Breakout was. The same about Arkinioid. If any thing I would of encourage people to re-try this type of games.

    Atari are a joke of company which only exist due to people's nostalgia. I thought it was a clever advert, but most people/kids would have not got the reference. The did rehash the game 20 years ago. I am off to pitch Mars Revenge adverts, which makes you work rest and play old games.

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