xbox 360 controller causing white screen / hang on launch

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Thread: xbox 360 controller causing white screen / hang on launch

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    xbox 360 controller causing white screen / hang on launch


    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected

    The game is hanging on launch when the xbox 360 controller is plugged in, with the configuration support enabled in the steam settings menu.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Have xbox 360 controller plugged in
    2. Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controler Settings > Xbox Configuration Support (enabled)
    3. Game hangs on white screen on launch.

    Disabling the xbox configuration support while leaving the controller plugged in seems to fix it. Unplugging the controller completely also fixes it.

    I recorded a video showing the steps I took to troubleshoot.
    DxDiag can be viewed here

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    I'm going to move this one over to the Tech Support section for further assistance.

    I'm afraid we have never encountered this problem and almost all of our machines here have a 360 controller plugged in when launching the game, so this might be related to your particular setup.

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    Hi Jeebles,

    As Mark mentioned, this isn't something we've ever been able to reproduce, despite the reports we see from players suggesting that this was the source of their issues. We're not saying it isn't a problem, it's just really difficult for us to figure out what causes it when we can't make it happen - I've just tried this on my PC with my Xbox 360 controller and the game started up as normal.

    We suspect there's some strangeness going on between the controller and the game and we need to figure out where this comes from. Nothing looks out of the ordinary on your DxDiag.

    Do you have any Steam bindings set up for your Xbox 360 controller? Do you have any other software installed on your PC that might be looking at, or using input from any gamepads or controllers that are plugged in? Is there anything else you can think of that's unique to your set up that may be relevant? Thanks!
    Planet Coaster Customer Support Team

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    sorry for the delayed response. happy to report that the problem is no longer there.

    to answer though, everything was pretty much just out of box. win 7 automatically installed drivers for the controller, default steam settings. I had no custom or imported binds or configs for this game as I didn't intend on using the controller for it, I just had it plugged in all the time. it was coincidence that I had snagged the cable release before the problem went away, and the problem returned after I had plugged it back in which is what drew my attention there and narrowing it down to a possible bug in relation to that steam setting for the xbox controller support.

    The first instance of this problem occurred immediately after an update for the game, and was not there previously despite my having the controller plugged in with the settings untouched for as long as I've owned the game and prior to that. I kept that xbox controller support setting disabled from then on so I can't say when it started working, but I can confirm that there are no issues with it currently being enabled. I have since upgraded to windows 10 though, which could have helped.

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