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    Hi! I'm Zek Teh Kek

    Hi! My name Zek Teh Kek, or Zach! I've been playing Planet Coaster since Christmas of 2016, and I've thoroughly enjoyed this game for a very long time! I really can't wait for the Aniversary update. I found out about this form through Steam (Creeperman2XL on steam) and through CoasterForce. I really want to get to know people on this forum!

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    Hey, welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. I think the conversation flows a bit better here plus there is occasionally engagement from the developers.
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    Hello Zek_Teh_Kek :-)
    Welcome to this amazing community!
    Great aou're here and I hope you enjoy the time here as much s playing the game :-)
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    Hayo! Welcome to the Planet Coaster forums. Nice to have you aboard this ride. Have a great time and enjoy the game! : )
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    Hey Zach,
    Welcome to the Planet Coaster Forum!

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