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    Hookweed Hotel - Spooky Ride


    Hookweed Hotel is a family indoor ride where you will discover all manor of creepy goings on whilst waltzing through the great hall in tandem with other explorers.

    Enter through the entrance of what was once the most prestigious hotel in town. Now overcome by a mysterious hulk of Hookweed, the hotel is in ruin but there seems to be more to this than meets the eye. Something else is causing this botanical bind.

    Descend the great staircase and board your mystical mover to discover the secrets. Dont forget to wave to your fellow explorers on your horrible haunt at the Hookweed Hotel...

    Cost is $20,000 andd made with 1900 peices.

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    How many times you would like to start a topic?
    Look, a steamlink is cool. Okay, but we prefer much more screenshots and video's.

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