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    Planconia Festival Mainstage


    I am working on a big festival mainstage. I programmed 1558 trigger able effects for a 8 minutes during endshow.
    A video of this endshow wil come soon. First some pics:

    Greets, Zyned

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    how did you get all those guest to mill around like that?

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    Originally Posted by wowman View Post (Source)
    how did you get all those guest to mill around like that?
    I first placed some rides and coasters to attract the guests. When there were enough guests, I disconnected the path to the exit. After that, I manually placed the guests at the dancefloor. The guests are waving, because they are lost. But with a little bit of imagination, it looks like they are dancing.

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    wow - what a great way to do this. it looks great

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    Planconia Festival
    Find your way to a world of magic.

    After eight months of preparation, Planconia Festival took place in Planet Coaster.
    Around a thousand trigger-able effects and 100 display sequencers were needed to create an eight minute during endshow.

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    really good. The best show I've seen done in PlanCo yet. The stage is great, the effects and lighting were great, the music was perfect, the video panels and video shots were perfectly timed...and one little detail...the blinking eye was a great touch

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    ��% Plain Insanity ��������������

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    Very cool.

    Now we just need a "shows" attraction, where guests line up to enter an area in front of stage, and actually appreciate the show rather than jumping up and down in distress!

    We would also need to specify what sort of show it is, so the guests respond in the right way - stand or sit depending on presence of seats; dance if a concert, random excited applause for a stunt show, passive observation for watching a movie or something down-tempo. I'm thinking maybe 5 different types of show should cover it.

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    Amazing! it is so cool!
    Coaster Head Edition - New PC soon!!

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    Amazing, Really Awesome work!.
    Early bird, Vip pass, Coaster head , Just another Gay dude!

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