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    Alice Madness 100% Complete WITH ADDED SPOOKY PACK

    Alice Madness NOW COMPLETED!!
    Video at bottom of photos

    New coaster Alice Madness

    All 100% custom made scenery and maxing out the use of the TV screens. Love using them in a cave as if its a window so something and also use for images to make like an art gallery on the walls.

    Hope you likey likey

    Overview of outside (Shopping center on the right)


    Front of Coaster Station


    Outside Screen Room


    Screen room and art gallery


    Rabbit Hole


    Monster in underground lake


    New Cave area as replaced previous green witch area. Used the new radioactive (Glowing) goo that comes with the spooky pack to make it look like the caves alive and oozing goo.

    Also used Lightning in the area as well as some horrro sounds all again, with the spooky pack.


    New Spider area. Spider comes in 9 pieces and so you have to make it yourself and then save as a blue print. Obviousdly i did this up top on the grass first to be sure it was correct and then angled it for the wall of the cave. Also new spooky trigger sounds in here (see Video)


    I had already created the rabbit hole below a mountain and will post pic of the mountain another time but I have now built little farytale house at the top and used the snow blowers to create the affect of snow blowing off the top of the peak. Took a while but works a treat.



    Watch in HD. Video now completed (Updated using the spooky pack!!)
    The first coaster room has lots of the spooky pack applied. Used skeletons in the carts already there from before and used goo again this time in red so it looks like blood pouring out. Also used the little spiders crawling on the TV, the rats on the floor and the Ravens dotted around. You should really get the spooky pack if you haven't already. Just what the game needed to liven it up a bit.

    Watch in 1080 HD with the sound supér high as there is a large amount of sound effects and triggers.

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    there is really creepy stuff on this ride.

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    Ha Ha yeah and just downloaded the spooky pack today as well so will have to add some new bits to the stuff already done i think :-)

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    I Like the horror Alice style. These games where fun.

    Looks good. Interested in the rest.

    Keep up the work!

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    Thanks probably wont get back to it till Friday now but appreciate your comments.

    Few little tweaks to do to the first bit (Audio used in the screen room) but other than that im happy with what I have so far.

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    Oh wow, cool concept. Totally would ride
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    Completed ride video posted above.

    and here. Watch in 1080 HD with the sound supér high as there is a large amount of sound effects and triggers.

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    really nice theming

    i enjoyed the video
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    Wow, Great work, loved this video. well done
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