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    DisneyWorld vs Disneyland

    So I was supposed to be going to Disney World, but hurricane Irma changed my plans. As part of my new trip I am headed to Disneyland instead, while I know there are less parks, what makes Disneyland stand out? (I have been to Orlando before)
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    What Disneyland are you visiting instead?

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    love both parks (Disneyland/Magic Kingdom I assume you are talking about)
    Here is my opinion on what makes Disneyland stand out....to name a few.
    1. smaller and more compact. makes it easier to get around and feels more homey to me.
    2. The castle is way smaller and almost seems like a joke (compared to Florida), but its still the classic original.
    3. Indiana Jones ride. My opinion, one of the best, if not the best ride Disney has built states side.
    4. Pirates - like 2x longer than the Florida version and way more of a story line.
    5. Pirate Island - way better than Tom Sawyer Island
    6. New Orleans Square - only at Disneyland
    7. Haunted Mansion - if you can get there during the holidays to see the Nightmare version..its totally different.
    8. Toon Town - really cute and the Roger Rabbit ride is fun
    9. Matterhorn - again unique to Disneyland
    10. Nemo ride - rework of the classic Sub ride, but still fun.
    11. Autotopia - really fun tracks and off road section is fun
    12. Space Mt. - different track and cars...IMO better than Florida version.

    You also have DCA right across the entrance court and that park has a number of great unique rides as well as transplants from some of the other Florida parks all wrapped into one.
    PM me if you want more details on anything Disney.

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