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    The Pirate Journey - a Motion Simulator

    Hey all!
    itīs been a very long time posting in here, for my latest project, which might actually be my favorite one of all times, I thought to make a posting again.

    So here you go with the Pirate Ship Motion Simulator. Its a flatride classic reimagined with the billboards ingame. I also placed a toilet in, so that people actually walk in. Make sure, you put the path in the "queue" space, so it looks like people would go into it.

    Also make sure not to have too many other toilets in the area ;-) otherwise Classic Pirate Ship 1 is not exiting enough

    But what am I talking, take a look yourself:

    /// Video ///

    /// Screenshots ///

    /// Workshop Link: ///

    Let me know, what you think of it :-)

    the camel

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    Very smart, very cool, and probably a painful job of synching the 3 videos as good as you did!

    Love it.

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