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    Featured Creator: Hexer0

    Every month we put four amazing Planet Coaster creators in the spotlight; each Featured Creator will have one week dedicated to them, their amazing Workshop, and other wonderful contributions to our community. This month we are talking to Hexer0, Ben'Hamin, R3dragon, and Games4Tom, who can also be found on the Planet Coaster globe!

    We will continue with:

    Thanks for joining us as Featured Creator, Hexer0. How did you get started with Planet Coaster?
    I always liked simulations, so I was thrilled when Frontier announced Planet Coaster. I was on board with the Planet Coaster hype and the coaster community right from the start. I got my first impression of Planet Coaster during the Early Bird alpha period and was hooked right away. I had so many ideas for how the game could become because it already had such a good foundation. If I look at it today it exceeds my expectations with every update.

    What makes you (and your creations) stand out?
    I started with a lot of western creations which I tried to create in a realistic way. Furthermore, I like to create quite complex buildings. Because of this it makes it sometimes hard to implement the paths afterwards. The building pieces and the great terraforming tool help with that a lot. Especially now with my new secret project. But nevertheless, one of my most popular creations is a very small western toilet.

    What is your favourite feature in the game?
    This is one of the hardest questions. There are so many good features in the game. I think what keeps the variety and the creativity alive and what brings the magic in the game is that everyone can upload his or her creation and share it with the world. The blueprint function has evolved greatly during the last year and makes it better every time.

    What is your favourite creation/video you’ve made so far?
    I like my Log Flume ride very much because it combines a lot of features. It has triggered events, different levels, animatronics, lights and it can be used by the community because it was all built and “hidden” without terraforming so everyone can use it in their own park. Yes, I guess this is my favourite creation and video.

    How do you feel about being part of the Planet Coaster community?
    Planet Coaster gives the community a lot of possibilities to interact and this is one of the greatest things Planet Coaster has created. The great support of the Community Managers makes it very interesting and increases the community feeling even more.

    Tell us a little about yourself, what you study/work/do in real life.
    I am 31 years old and a teacher in Germany. I studied Science and love to be creative when I have some free time. But the free time is quite short because I have also other interests like golf. So, I hope for a small golf update in the future of Planet Coaster! But I saw some great mini golf constructions already.
    I was called Hexer during my time in our handball team but this nickname was already gone when I wanted to use it for the first time. So, the nickname got an additional zero “0” and if Bo is referring to Hexer“O” she normally means me and I like it very much, but if you are looking for my workshop Items you need to look for Hexer0!

    If you were to dress up as a Planet Coaster mascot, which one would it be?
    That is Easy! COSMIC COW! I think if you see Cosmic Cow somewhere as an Avatar it could be me! On the other hand, a cow which is jumping on their own udder is quite freaky.

    What inspires you?
    Most of the time I am inspired by tasks. Normally there is a Place in my park which I want to design which should fulfil different demands. Then I think how I could achieve this.

    Tell us a little about your creative process – how long do your creations take, do you listen to music or work for hours and hours until something is perfect?
    My creations grow with the time of the creation. Most of the time I just start building and this brings up more and more Ideas with time. The copy function and the variety of pieces speed up the process of creation a lot. But the fact that I construct my buildings without a plan slows it down again. Especially when I have a new Idea to change something or to polish some parts.

    Which creator do YOU admire?
    The number of awesome creators is so great that it is not easy to pick someone. Silvarret is always one which I would pick because of his creative use of pieces. But I think no one could walk behind his facades because there are so many windows and bars pointing out there! But we actually have another Master Builder I would pick for her atmospheric and wonderful constructions. And this is Anigmandra; her Spooky Creations fit so wonderful together and they enrich every park.

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    Nice interview Hexer0. Great to get to know a little bit about you.

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    Originally Posted by Tillietwos View Post (Source)
    Nice interview Hexer0. Great to get to know a little bit about you.
    Thx @Tillietwos !

    If anyone wants to know something more just ask me :-D

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    Love your work. Thanks for the interview
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