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    Originally Posted by tyczj View Post (Source)
    That is not a reason, musicjoe constantly insults the devs and now the is insulting the forum members. You can stick around and not insult people you know.

    Just an FYI they do listen and have proved that many times over, just because your specific issue has not been address is not a reason to say they don't listen or even insult the devs
    Yes, they do listen, but only to them who scream water parks and fireworks. Don't know about you but i have not seen one game play update since release.

    And i did not insult one person, i said that they should listen to negative reviews and not this. Did i say any nasty thinks to him? NO. Well then there you go.

    And that's just like saying, i have to do what you think by not posting my honest view on the game. But apparently this game has to be only positive things.

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    I've actually seen a few game play related updates (including UI options) since release. I think you will find that they do listen to other people as well (one of the reasons why bug reporting for example is important although from what I gathered in another thread that did get held up a bit due to other things).


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    Well, somebody really needs a hug
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