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    That was one of the best 13:50 minutes I've spent watching something in a long time. Coastercad, it is another beautiful creation. You filmed it perfectly and the music was right on. Thanks for sharing

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    Dude, this park is amazing, I enjoy the whole video and cannot wait to check this park in steam workshop.

    Thank you so much for this creation.

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    Thank you all for watching and replying.

    Here are some "sketches":


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    Originally Posted by RedHair View Post (Source)
    Planet coaster days? ^^

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    What do you use to Photoshop them? Adobe PS or something else?

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    nice, but the photoshop /instagram filters hurt my eyes, I don't see the point. The images would be better without the filters.

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    Originally Posted by redrum View Post (Source)
    nice, but the photoshop /instagram filters hurt my eyes, I don't see the point. The images would be better without the filters.
    Thanks for the feedback. Got some images in my next update that are a bit less edited.

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    An onride and some pictures from Journey to the edge of the world:

    Thanks for watching


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    as I already posted on the 'other' thread. this is awesome work.

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    Hello everyone,

    The park is now avaliable on steam :


    I've added a trailer and one more video of the park:


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    Coastercad......You are such an amazing artist with a brilliant imagination which you bring together to create stunning pieces. Totally enjoyed watching your thread during the creation of your park. Thanks for sharing

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    I opened my eyes and let out a big yawn to find out sunrays were crawling over my face. I fell asleep the night before without first closing the curtains. The sun was practically smiling at me and promised the day was going to a be good one. After realising I wasn't dreaming anymore, it struck me i had a date today. A date with magic. It was time to finally visit the recently opened theme park Far Away. Long had i been following construction, watched pictures and video's, impatiently waiting to visit the place. And now the day had finally come...

    Light traffic allowed me to arrive early and i was there among the first guests.

    Full of excitement, my heartbeat rose to new heights while walking up to entrance:

    Walking through the gate instantly makes you feel small as the castles tower over you:

    At the far end of the main square is the entrance to one of the crowd's favorite rides in the park . Even though the park is in his first weeks of operation, this ride is already legendary for its queue times. I watched the on ride video beforehand. but it promises te be much more immersive in real life. It seemed like everyone wanted to do this ride first:

    I wasn't ready for legendary queue times yet so decided to skip this ride for now and hope for a lighter crowd later that day.

    I first decided to grab a quick breakfast (yes, i forgot to eat that morning because of all the excitement) at this nice food area located at the main square:

    After that, it was time to get exploring. I figured the best way to go would be left when everyone else goes right:

    I didn't regret that choice, as it took me to this nice pirate like area where some kind of steampunk pirate captain entertainer was about to hit the loo before the big crowd arrived at his location:

    I decided to test my breakfast and make the swinging ship the first ride of the day:

    I was impressed by the queue, which was as empty as immersive:

    It turned out me and my breakfast were on good terms.

    Continuing exploring, it directed me out of the pirate area unto a path leading me to higher grounds were I stumbled upon a nice village with all kinds of food and drink options:

    And themed toilets (yes, they have themed toilets, best park ever):

    More about themed toilets later :up:.

    Through the village winded a log flume, of which the queue was filling up really fast:

    Searching for the entrance of the log flume ride i just had to take this shot of the castle on the hill:

    I found the entrance and it was time for some queueing, because one does not simply skip Journey To The Edge Of The World:

    Queue pics:

    A very populair ride (or just bad operations?):

    Look at this queue:

    I actually had to retake that last shot, because some dude went loco at me for getting him in the picture. He wanted to stay anonymous and did not wish to be on a photo of a famous youtuber with 147 subscribers (don't forget to subscribe people!). As an artist it's hard to make concessions and redo a perfect shot (you know it will never be that good the second time), so i decided to share it anyway:

    Onride picture:

    I was glad the sun was shining, because seriously, that was about the wettest log flume i've been on. Take my advice, don't do this ride on a cold day (or do it, the theming might be well worth it ) .

    I walked trough the village again, leaving it on the other side. Next to the village there was a train station that caught my attention:

    I decided to see where this train would take me.

    It took me from the edge of the world to the jungle:

    A quick drink:

    A thrill ride:

    A temple drawing your attention:

    A not so busy queue:

    And just when you dried up from the previous ride:

    Another ride entrance:

    And more empty queues :love::

    And that feeling when you have no idea what to expect and it turns out to be a spinning coaster (indoors! with a ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎load of theming!)

    After my jungle adventures i had to take a break and decided to bring out my lunchbox and have a nice and relax sitdown at this place:

    Ofcourse i only sat for about 5 minutes because I couldn't wait to discover the rest of the park.

    Following the path I stumbled upon a creature:

    My mere thoughts were: Whuuuuuut?....

    I couldn't figure it out, what were they thinking.... /facepalm

    I decided this was a mystery my mind could not comprehend and moved on....Only to walk into this place:

    Toilet experience???.... Whuuuuuut?....

    After making it this far i decided to check it out:

    My KFC from last night kicked in so I decided to go for the giants one, as i was about to lay a big one. While doing so, everything started to make sense

    The next ride I stumbled upon was called "magical lake tours", I am always in for some magic and decided to go on it.

    Some views from the queue:

    It seemed to be some kind of boat/watercoaster/darkride hybrid ride themed around a wizard called Grey Sem, who is actually the tour guide. However, tour guides that smoke pipe all day don't have a great sense of responsibility, so things might not go as gentle as planned.

    Some onride shots:

    Sailing smoothly (still):

    A big hungry croc? uhm..... Grey Sem?

    The croc encounter did not go so well, but that tends to happen when the tour guide decides to take a break for some afternoon fishing:

    On the upside, you'll see places the tour normally doesn't go:

    It turned out the Croc didn't eat us (yet), because we were merely food for the little ones. It was a good thing Grey Sem arrived just in time:

    A huge lifthill, rollercoaster section and splashdown followed. Grey Sem prevailed and we were all safely going to ride the next ride.

    The next ride, which turned out to be my favorite at the end of the day, was a darkride called Haunted. Now with a name like that explanations regarding the theme can be dropped.

    The facade:

    Hello there, eight legged friend:

    Operations were really good on this ride, as the queue was moving really fast:


    Onride photo's:

    This icecream stall wasn't operative anymore, which makes sense, cause we were in the abandoned theme park scene. However, whenever i think of ice cream, i want one. So this kinda ruined the ride for a bit, because the thought of ice cream sucked me out of the immersion.

    More onride photo's:

    At the exit of the ride there were some references to the parks mascots:

    I think people didn't get this joke though, as they have to explain it, which makes it a bad joke really:

    ICE CREAM!!!

    We got to meet King Ghoaster:

    Next up was Enchanted, a tracked ride:


    Onride shot:

    To summarize my thoughts about this ride:

    Remember that ride we skipped in the beginning because of the massive crowds it drew to it's queue line? The queue line is even longer now. But my skyhigh expectations of this ride justified queueing up for it. It was still kind of daytime when I walked trough the entrance:

    It looks like they want you to wake up the dragon:

    Queue line madness:

    Some onride footage:

    Coming back outside the lights were on:

    The entire time walking trough the park there is this very alluring castle in the center of it all on a huge mountain. I figured the day would not be complete without taking a closer look at this castle, and thus decided to check it out. After finding the path that leads up the mountain you are confronted with this:

    I decided to not let get this the best of me and moved on. Luckily, there are some very encouraging signs along the way:

    But in the end, it's all worth the effort:

    Meeting this awesome dude at the top is worth the walk alone:

    I went down again, and when you go down some more, you might run into this place:

    After riding the thrill ride:

    I had a really good meal in this restaurant:

    What better dessert then a dark ride, it was time for Troll Story:

    In the queue line there's an old troll reading a book (probably about trolls)


    Onride footage:

    What better way to end a day........then a coaster .

    I was not the only one with that thought:


    Queue shot:


    What better way to end the day..... then a dueling coaster, you can go twice .

    All things come to an end. It was time to say farewell to Far Away. You know that sad feeling when the day is over at a theme park? It isn't sadness, it's that little bit of magic you have to leave behind, that you can't take home. What you can take home however, is the memory of it. Remember, don't forget, and make more memories.

    One last snack :yes::


    Thank you,


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