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    Hi from holland!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is jasper, 28 years old, and living in holland. Was a big RCT back in the days. Since I have Planet Coaster (for 3 days now) I feel like that 11/12 year old kid again, making coasters and stuff.
    The reason i've got Planet Coaster, was my new graphics card, something fresh I wanted to play, and the creativity in the game. It's so awesome, especially watching all those tutorials and other things
    on youtube. So excited to show you guys my creations when I reach that certain level. At the moment i'm just practicing and trying things out.

    Besides Planet Coaster, i also play Rainbow 6 Siege (both pc and ps4) and fifa. I work as a cook in an italian restaurant, and i love to watch movies and listen to music.

    Hope to make a lot of new friends here!

    HMU for anything!

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    Hey Charon,

    A very warm welcome aboard to the Planet Coaster forums. Nice to have you join us for the ride. Also nice to see yet another Dutch fan! (I am Dutch as well)

    Have a great time with Planet Coaster and enjoy the ride! I look forward to your creations. Be sure to post them on the Community Creations forums.

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    Have a great stay and a wonderfull ride

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    Hello Jasper,
    welcome to the forum and this great community!
    I wish you a great time here and playing the game - waiting to see your creations :-)
    Have a great day!
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    Hi Jasper. Welcome to the forums. Hope you have fun here. There are some amazing people here.

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    Hi and welcome
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    Welcome in this awesome Community
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