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    Originally Posted by Luuknoord View Post (Source)

    In the end, I am the one that enjoys the game and that is all that counts to me.
    that comment works on so many different levels, thanks sharing
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    Originally Posted by inspectorgadget View Post (Source)
    It's a little bit ironic coming from you that Skywater's personal 9/10 rating is being dismissed. Weren't you upset at certain people for supposedly shouting out your concerns with Frontier's games?
    Where is it being dismissed? Itīs not. Good he enjoys it. The question is, will he say the same about the game in next 3 months? We donīt know. Many people changed their opinion about PC and JPE is also a dropping a bit. Thatīs all Iīm saying.

    Also, funny enough I bought a magazine about PC games yesterday, after a loong time and they re-reviewed Planet Coaster. It ends with "Perfect and biggest building kit ever. Game not so much". Itīs appearent that Frontierīs games are rated high at the beggining, but later, people start to realize itīs lacking some important things.

    Also, speaking of "shouting out my concerns" he is not. His post just say he would give it 9/10 and describe some general things. Havenīt heard much arguments from you people about the management lacking depth. Some people described what is missing in the management, but all I read from you is "this game is not about management" or "I think itīs perfectly fine" or just things along these lines. Havenīt seen much concrete reasons, why you think the management should be considered as good in PC/JPE, except maybe saying you donīt want to micro-management. But neither do I (or most people complaining about it as we more complain about the actual balance).


    Also have a look at their post on FB regarding streams and read comments. People are mostly asking about DLC (Already ?!)complaining about small sandbox map, lack of customization and that fences break far too much

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    Originally Posted by stuk71 View Post (Source)
    that comment works on so many different levels, thanks sharing
    I'm agreeing with him. The game is not perfect,but it's still enjoyable
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    Originally Posted by Luuknoord View Post (Source)
    You are right. That's why I put him on my ignore list.
    Now there's an idea...

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    I've only played it a little bit and I reckon I'm going to start it again as I only have one dinosaur left after releasing a Ceratosaurus before realising I haven't got the ability to tranquilise her yet. She killed my Struthiomimus and one Triceratops before being taken down by my other Trike.

    To be honest, I was glad it runs at all. The trees look naff but the dinos and park look pretty good. I knew about it before purchasing, but the business with the power supply is a bummer. I didn't like that aspect of SimCity and I don't like it now but it's just part of it, I guess.

    Can anyone confirm whether you still have to do all of that in sandbox mode? It'll be a while before I get it at this rate, mind.

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    Originally Posted by inspectorgadget View Post (Source)
    Now there's an idea...
    Best feature ever indeed

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    Personally, I have enjoyed the little time I have played this so far.

    I had a 100% safety record until I forgot to place Grassland for my Ceratosaurus. It got annoyed and basically went on a killing spree

    Other than that, there are a few things that I think could be added, but I'm happy with how it is for now.

    Sidenote - That Frontier intro on the game though
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    Originally Posted by Jammy3112 View Post (Source)
    Sidenote - That Frontier intro on the game though
    Yes! The Frontier intro is really well thought of!
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    Just noticed JPE dropped a lot on Steam reviews. On the other hand, it looks like there is a chance Frontier will actually work harder on the game in the future. At first, they refused to fix the sizes of Dinos, but after the community kept complaining, they are actually fixing it. I wish it was similar to PC honestly.

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