IMPORTANT: Update 1.3.6 Cedar Points Steel Vengeance!

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Thread: Update 1.3.6 Cedar Points Steel Vengeance!

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    Update 1.3.6 Cedar Points Steel Vengeance!

    Hi coaster friends!

    Were very excited to announce a special partnership with Cedar Point today, resulting in another free update for all Planet Coaster players!

    In Spring 2018 Cedar Point will be opening its hyper-hybrid rollercoaster, the Steel Vengeance a revamp of their famous wooden coaster Mean Streak. Steel Vengeance is set to be the tallest, fastest, and longest hybrid rollercoaster in the world!

    However, you wont have to wait until next year to see this beauty in action: in Update 1.3.6, we are releasing the Steel Vengeance for free! The new hybrid coaster is fully customisable, and youll also have the premade blueprint of the Steel Vengeance to place and ride in-game! Weve also added Steel Vengeances own brand new ride entrance sign as well as Cedar Points official logos to the sign collection.

    Big thanks to both Cedar Point and the Planet Coaster team for this one-of-a-kind collaboration. We cannot wait to visit the real coaster in Spring 2018!



    New Coaster
    • Added the Steel Vengeance coaster, from Cedar Point.
    • Added the Steel Vengeance coaster blueprint for the Steel Vengeance coaster.

    New Scenery
    • Added 2 Cedar Point signs and the Steel Vengeance ride sign.

    • Added a prompt to enable extended debugging when a GPU crash is detected.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where display sequencers would not trigger at certain times.
    • Fixed an issue where activation times on display sequencers would reset.
    • Improved the monthly cost feedback for closed facilities.
    • Edges of custom biome parks will now appear correctly on lower spec machines.
    • General stability fixes and improvements.

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    Can't wait to get home (from work) and try it

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    I really hope we get more of these official park sponsored rides/scenery in the future.

    This is great indeed

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    This is really cool! I'd love to see collaborations with other real life parks, especially UK parks

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    Thank you, this is great! Hope to see more of this in the future

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    Hype hype, cool collaboration! Lots of new possibilities for the future
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    This is amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!
    Dus oe vele folbu?

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    Thanks Bo (please give thanks back to the team!) - finding big fps-increases on my bootcamp MacBookPro (yay!)...
    -brett (aka vjspivey, hello from los angeles!)

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    Amazing news! Thank you Frontier!! Been to Cedar Point several times and now I'm living in Orlando. Would love to see more theme park partnerships down the road. (Disney)

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    YES YES YES AND MORE YES!!!! Cedar Point is my hometown park! Frontier, you're the greatest! Now, does his mean we will eventually get top thrill dragster box track as well lol �� (joking).

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    Nice, cool coaster. Nice update, again!

    hint: Maybe a collaboration with Efteling about their new ride Symbolica?

    I've been in it today and it's amazing!!!!

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    Just found out about this on the stream. Just WOW!!!!! Thanks Frontier

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    Ooohhhhhhhhh! I'm loving this new coaster and update! Thanks devs, you continue to amaze me!

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    Thats really cool! I hope we get to see more of these kinds of things.

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    Thanks to CP and PC for a great new ride both in rl and the game.

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    Woohoo! Thanks, Frontier! Got some bug fixes that were badly needed and a cool new coaster as well

    Ya know, now that we have a blueprint replica of a real ride, it will be interesting to see how this goes with the whole coaster friction thing.
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    Nice and welcomed surprise. Is this a partnership with Cedar Point strictly or all of Cedar Fair? Also is it a one time thing or ongoing partnership?

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    Originally Posted by Bullethead View Post (Source)
    Woohoo! Thanks, Frontier! Got some bug fixes that were badly needed and a cool new coaster as well

    Ya know, now that we have a blueprint replica of a real ride, it will be interesting to see how this goes with the whole coaster friction thing.
    They decreased the friction slightly for the new version, as well as give it less track restrictions so it can make the 90 degree drop.

    The in-game version is also a lot taller than the real life version.

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    Great to see real coasters being released by Frontier, this one is amazing. Thank you for finding new ways to surprise us Frontier.

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