Images not showing up in my posts.

Thread: Images not showing up in my posts.

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    Images not showing up in my posts.

    I made my first post here the other day and my steam workshop link and youtube video were both inserted properly. However, none of my images showed up and instead just displayed a small black box with an X. I used the link to my Flickr album in the URL box that shows up when you select to insert image and I tried again on a separate post with a link to an Imgur album. When I hit preview nothing shows up.

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    To use image tags, you need to grab links that end in .jpg
    I looked at your post, and you grabbed the url, but it is not a link to the image.
    If I remember correctly, Flickr has a link option to grab for "BBCode" for forum use.

    Like this: "[I m g]ht tps://fa rm5.staticflickr.c om/4349/35631315303_70ae35855b.jpg[/I m g]

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    Thank you! I did a test post and I think I got it working.

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    You're welcome!
    I would recommend you give a try. It's easier than Flickr to share pics.

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    I usually do use imgur, but I've been having a lot of problems with uploading there. 9 out of 10 times a picture seems to "fail" to upload, some of them duplicate and they never seem to stay in order. I tried uploading the 160 pictures I have on flickr and only 7 of them made it.

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    Well, that's unfortunate. I've never had an issue, but only upload a few at a time.

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