Looking for a laptop to run Planet Coaster?

Thread: Looking for a laptop to run Planet Coaster?

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    Looking for a laptop to run Planet Coaster?

    This is the largest, most powerful and the most expensive laptop you can buy. It is a limited edition and will set you back $9,000. But look what you get for your money.

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    You can have it as a self build desktop for way less than $ 9.000,-

    And it's Acer......
    I don't have good experiences with Acer's.

    And A laptop is supposed to be portable, with an army case it's not

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    i have a Lenovo y700 and it works great for planet coaster

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    Or you could pay $3,000 for a desktop PC with better hardware specs.......

    When I joined the Planet Coaster Alpha program (early bird access) April last year, I was so intent on buying a gaming desktop. Alienware. Until a lot of people on here said to get a desktop. And granted, the alienware desktop is $1000 cheaper than the laptop. People also said you should go custom build, it's cheaper and more flexible. I'm no expert in making my own custom computer. But there are companies which help you choose and build your own custom desktop PC. There's this special company 1stWaveTechnologies in NZ, who do this. I paid NZ$3000 for my system the specs mentioned in my signature.

    Manufacturers do make computers. But the parts they use and the costs of those parts and how much extra the charge on top of that, and issuing only a 12 month warranty as standard on it, you're best going for custom desktop. My custom desktop has an 18 month warranty. Some parts to it have a 3, 5, 10 year or lifetime warranty too. If you look at all the laptops selling in NZ retail stores for $2,100, all you're getting is dual core processors 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD or 1TB HDD.

    I prefer HP. I have an HP 15-ab222tx which is a laptop build your average school and uni student uses (dual core processor, 8GB RAM, etc). I also have my custom desktop which is really good for gaming. I don't have to put up with 4fps. HP does have laptops with i7-6700HQ, 6700, 7700HQ, and 7700 in their "high end" gaming laptops, but those processors are still at least slightly weaker than my i7-6700k on my desktop. The i7-7700K though has a slightly faster clock speed, but it's rare to see HP/other manufacturers putting it on a thin laptop.

    My advice is unless you're rich or have a well paying job like 6 figure salary or something, don't waste your money on a $9,000 bulky laptop with limited upgradeability options.
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    My Lenovo IdeaPad 310 runs great and it's price also meet your requirment.

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    AS far as I know Thinkpad Yoga 11E might be the most fitable for you.

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    That is the most absurd laptop I've ever seen and I was really bummed that he didn't actually put it on his lap...for scale, ya know?

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    My HP Pavilion handles the game quite alright.

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