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    Hello Planet Coaster fans,

    About two weeks ago, I came across videos on youtube from Channel 5 gaming and after watching a few videos of his concerning Planet Coaster. It got me very interested in this game as I am a big fan of theme parks. While I was never a big fan of theme park sims in the past, I did play the original Roller Coaster tycoon when it came out. I have read up on how good of a PC you need to run this game and I know that PC that I have right now won't run this sim. However, I will be getting a new PC in a few months and I hope someone can help me out on getting the right PC for the game. I have been on the Best Buy site looking at gaming PC's and I have narrowed it down to 3 of them and they are as follows:




    Can anyone help me out and let me know which PC would be the best one to get for this game?

    As for playing Planet Coaster once I get the game, I am not really that interested in running it in 1080p. However, I am not looking to run the game in low settings either. If I can run the game from medium to high setting with 20 plus FPS on some of the mega parks. I would be happy with that. I also know that the more people you let into the park, the more it takes its toll on the PC and that is why I will limit the number of people at 2000 when I am at any park. (big or small). My main goal is to build a theme park myself and maybe more if I can.

    Anyways, if anyone can help me out on choosing the right PC for this game. It would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    First of all a warm Welcome to the Planet Coaster Community

    I am not the best Person to give you tips on what Gaming PC you should get (my tip would be to just buy Parts and build your own, but this requires some knowledge about hardware) so i would refer you to this Thread:


    As far as i understand the Graphics settings really don't make much difference because the Number of Guests are much more taxing.

    I hope that you will eventually have a lot of fun with the Game We are always willing to help you with Questions regarding the Game
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    Thank you for the warm welcome Crowdpleaser.

    As for building a PC, I have no desire to build one and that is why I am just going to buy the PC from Best Buy. In fact, this will be my first PC game system as I am just getting a gaming PC for this game alone. If it wasnt for this game, I would just be getting a good enough PC just for my normal daily routine that I do with my PC.

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    Hey, welcome to the forums. There are a lot of people that can give you advice, and this thread has lots of discussion about this subject. https://forums.planetcoaster.com/sho...Coaster-thread
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    Hey Eaglefan, welcome aboard the Planet Coaster forums! Nice to have you join us for this fantastic ride!
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    Hey Eaglefan,
    Welcome to the Planet Coaster Forum!

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    Hello and Welcome to this wonderful community :-)
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