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    I know, it was sold to be a management game and we did not get that, we got a game with no game play whatsoever, a mean the prestige thing should be in sandbox mode because whats the point of having the disable button, the security system, shambolic, priority pass is just a to** and never makes profit. That's what i have a ton of hate to this game, they follow the 10 year old's from the streams who shout water parks, because of this we wont see any management in the game for a while.

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    I personally don't care for the management aspect. I like the creative aspect much better. But there are a few things I would liked to be added. 1. Scenario Editor, like done in RCT. 2. Custom stores/food shops with custom items for sale, and the Guests AI picks up on added items.
    For example, add souvenir cups to a drink shop, or add stuffed animals, or etc... The only problem is that the guest may not be able to hold the custom item in the visual sense.

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    It's really sad that Frontier seems to forget the management/simulation aspect of the game and solely focus on the creative aspect. While I am a creator, I really think this game has a lot of wasted potential right now. Frontier please focus your next updates on management and simulation!

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    I am perfectly happy with the staff and their behaviors.

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    Originally Posted by TRJTA View Post (Source)
    Frontier please focus your next updates on management and simulation!
    Oh, it would be so great... but I don't think it will be the case unfortunately.

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    Originally Posted by Chems View Post (Source)
    This game Planet Scenery now, yo.
    For real. There's hardly any gameplay.

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    Originally Posted by Chems View Post (Source)
    This game Planet Scenery now, yo.
    Originally Posted by Casiquire View Post (Source)
    For real. There's hardly any gameplay.
    Get used to it! Will save you disappointment later.

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    Originally Posted by seeker939 View Post (Source)
    Get used to it! Will save you disappointment later.
    But I try to keep faith that they'll make gameplay significantly better. Nothing really shows that it will be the case, but maybe they just take time and work hard on this...

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    Since the new patches and the crime management update, did „harder” challenge get any harder? Or it is still infinite auto-income after a certain amount of rides and coasters?

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    You know, maybe crowdsourcing this problem would lead to a solution. Of course [I]managing[I] that would be a problem on its own, but as long as we can't see what's going on under the hood in that department, I think that we might become more angry at/dissatisfied to the devs for complexer problems that seem simple on the surface (in certain cases).

    Also, fixing AI problems is difficult if you don't want to tank the performance and/or completely change behaviour and hence difficulty.

    I agree there are problems with the AI in the game. Staff and visitors are bugged, but I definitely can't figure out how to solve it exactly (and reasonably) without knowing how it works. Keep in mind that any addition has to be constantly run for hundreds-thousands of groups.

    About prices, I can accept a fair amount of disjunction with reality, as coasters do not cost 60k to build for example (and people enter/leave the park every day)'s dissapointing it is that far from reality sometimes, but at least it keeps management 'fairly' balanced.

    I agree that at this point, the game poses too little challenge. It isn't impossible to lose (there are three scenarios in Career that I approached poorly the first time, and couldn't recover because of it), but some features that would enhance it apparently got lost from previous installments. Worse, some of those are included in RCT-World, which is perhaps not something you want to compare poorly to.

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    I think a nice compromise would be a scenario editor similar to RCT 3 where you can enable financials in a sandbox setting. Add the objectives that were available in RCT 3 and I think we would have a very nice set up to add a bit of life into the management aspect. I'm sure it is a lot more complicated to implement but give us objectives with timelines and if I fail to achieve I fail the objective. Give us objectives that promote creativity of a sandbox builder while provoking strategy. I think that's what's missing. Of course this would all require some tweaking to guest AI etc

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    Its like this game is a massive flop for me, wheres the ride breakdowns, the ride evacs that sort of stuff, you just build the rides and watch them. Where are the ride hosts? Where are the coasters stalling? No, there idea of a coaster crash is it coming of the rails what is not even finished.

    All them things are that a theme park game needs, not wants, NEEDS.

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