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    Featured Creator: Kimattacks

    Every month we put four amazing Planet Coaster creators in the spotlight; each Featured Creator will have one week dedicated to them, their amazing Workshop, and other wonderful contributions to our community. This month we are talking to Kimattacks, _fog, Kombat Wombat, and Tillietwos, who can also be found on the Planet Coaster globe!

    Letís get started with:

    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7...workshopfiles/

    Good to have you back as a Featured Creator, Kimattacks! Can you tell us a little about what got you started with Planet Coaster?
    The first theme park game I played was Bullfrog's Theme Park. Many years later I discovered a Rollercoaster Tycoon demo. I only had 20 trial minutes and spent all summer replaying until I was able to finish a woodie in that time. Then the full game came out and amazed me like no other game! RCT 2, RCT 3... One day I read about Planet Coaster on the internet, started the pre-alpha, and the rest is history!

    What makes you and your creations stand out?
    My rides are full of little details and triggered effects, a ton of them. If you pay close attention to them, they tell a story, there is a progression. And I always try to keep them as realistic as possible. Maybe my creations aren't the best in the workshop, but they are made with a lot of love and if they existed in the real world I would definitely ride them!

    What is your favourite Planet Coaster feature?
    Had you asked me two weeks ago, I would have said the workshop. Planet Coaster to me is building and sharing. When I see people using my stuff I feel so happy. Even in objects that only have 5 subscribers, still 5 people are using your stuff and that's amazing! But OMG the screens are a game changer! I'm experimenting with them and still can't believe what you can achieve with them... The sky is the limit!

    What is your favourite creation that youíve made so far?
    Rio Bravo is one of my best creations. It's a very popular western rapids ride that even made it to the media. Revenge of Quetzacoatl is great too because I experimented for the first time with Aztec/Mayan theme. But I think my best ride is about to come. It's called Explorers of the temple of Doom and it's an Aztec/horror dark ride where I'm reaching new creativity levels via the new screens feature. I hope to finish it and share it with all of you this week.

    How do you feel about being part of the Planet Coaster community?
    I've been playing these kind of games since 1994. And then, one day, people started to like what I was doing. Next thing, Frontier is in touch with me and they care about my creations. It's like a dream come true because I feel part of something that has been an important part of my life for many years. And the community is awesome! They always fuel me to build more and more with their kind comments. And my fellow creators... We help each other by sharing advice and little tricks.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    I'm 33 years old. I'm a professional filmmaker and have done a lot of music videos. I also work on Barcelona's TV, where I edit video and host a TV show. My goal is to jump from music videos to feature films. I have some projects in developments but these things go very slowly.
    I also teach music video production to 17 year old kids in a school. As you see, my work has nothing to do with theme parks, but I did have a job in Port Aventura for two years when I was younger!

    If you were to be a Planet Coaster mascot, which one would you be?
    Can I be a male version of Miss Elly? Please, I wanna be a cowboy and live in the Wild West!

    What inspires you?
    Everything can inspire you. You only need to be receptive to what is around. What most inspires me in daily life is music and artistic illustrations. As for the game, illustrations and real pictures of buildings.

    Tell us a little about your creative process and how long it takes you to create your work.
    Minutes with simple buildings, hours with the complex ones or recreations. I can spend a week with a ride and a month or more in a park (especially if it is a recreation).
    I usually start with a concept and I try to imagine I'm the guest while building the ride. If I was riding this, what I would love to see or feel? Always try to make something happen in each portion of the ride, a progression. Like I said, it is like telling a story. Filmmakers tell stories and I try to do the same in the game.

    Pass on the praise: which creator do YOU admire?
    One creator? No way! I admire all of them.
    I build the things I do thanks to Silvarret and DeLadysigner. They did those master classes at GamesCom (#onemoretower) which taught me how to build. Before that, my creations wereÖ you donít want to see them! DeLadysigner was the one who put me on the map by doing a video of my pre-alpha mine building. She did this with people she thought were creating cool stuff but nobody was following them (I think I had like 5 followers or so at that moment). So I want to thank her publicly. But if I have to choose one favourite creator, I would say Xtraordinar. He is SUPER talented, always thinking outside the box. And a really nice person too!

    Thank you Kimattacks for telling us about yourself! Next week we will have a lovely chat with _Fog!

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    Thank you Bo Marit and everyone at Frontier for this fantastic experience. So happy to be part of this.

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    Wow, this is awesome. Congrats Kimattacks from one of your followers.

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    Thanks Bo for the interview, and thanks Kimattacks for a glimpse into your life and how you create on Planet Coaster. I have always admired your creations, especially the very simple blueprints that tell a simple story. Keep up the great work with your creations that you share with the community!

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    Love this, Tillietwos and co good job

    Originally Posted by Bo Marit View Post (Source)

    What is your favourite Planet Coaster feature?
    Had you asked me two weeks ago, I would have said the workshop. Planet Coaster to me is building and sharing. When I see people using my stuff I feel so happy. Even in objects that only have 5 subscribers, still 5 people are using your stuff and that's amazing!
    Well said

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    Thank you, interesting read.
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    Thank you everyone. As I said in the interview you are the fuel that keep me building and sharing.

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    Hey Kimattacks,

    Thank you for the interview and your story. It was really nice to read. You are doing amazing work!
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    This is a great initiative!

    Besides that, this is a nice read! Thank you Kimattacks!

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    Thanks Kimattacks for sharing your story and letting us get to know you more. Love your creations...keep it up

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    Hey Kimattacks,

    thanks for all your great work and wonderful creations :-)
    It's great to read your story and your answers :-)

    I wish you an amazing time creating more things and playing that wonderful game :-) Thanks for sharing your work with the community :-)
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    Such a great idea! Getting to know the featured creators a little bit better! Iím very exited for the next one with _Fog

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    Nice interviews!

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    Congrats Kimattacks! You make excellent stuff and this recognition is well-deserved!
    (click here for Workshop page)

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    Once more thank you to everyone for your kind words. It's a real pleasure to be part of this lovely community.

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