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    Hello :)

    Hello all

    I've been a bit slow to finally get Planet Coaster but finally allowing myself to buy a new laptop so in the next week I should be able to finally play it!

    My fiance plays Elite Dangerous and so I've been watching a lot of Frontier's twitch and youtube streams and love Bo and Ed's planet coaster streams.

    I really enjoy seeing everyone's creations!


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    Hello zookeepersgirl, welcome aboard the Planet Coaster forums!

    Great to hear that you will soon be able to play Planet Coaster as well. Also nice that your fiance is a CMDR in Elite: Dangerous

    I look forward to your creations in Planet Coaster. Have a great time on the forums and enjoy the ride with Planet Coaster!

    P.S. do you happen to work in a zoo? (I like to visit zoos)
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    Hello! Nice to meet you. Thr streams are always fun and a good source of inspiration, as are the community creations sub forums. Hope it's not long until you finally get to play.
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    welcome to PC forms!
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    Thanks guys!

    Unfortunately I don't work in a zoo, I love animals so would have been something I loved to do.

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    Hey zookeepersgirl,
    Welcome to the Planet Coaster Forum!

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    Hello zookeepersgirl,

    welcome to the community!
    Enjoy the game and have a lot of time!

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