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    Hi guys, please see my first fireworks display. Please let me know any comments, likes or dislikes. The music was free to download from youtube - has a awkward intermission for a few seconds half way through too - but hey... it was my first go

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    This is my first try with the Fireworks stuff

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    Some great fireworks by the community. Have a look at this one I found on youtube, it is one of the best and longest I have seen so far lasting for 18 minutes. There are some spectacular lighting effects as well.
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    Great spot for a firework show Seeker939. I love how they reflect of the lake.

    My favorite firework show so far in Planet Coaster is this one.

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    My first firework show

    Hi! This is my first firework show that I've actually finished. And I really, REALLY liked the pearls... I probably overused it...

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