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Thread: Crash on startup after file sync steam

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    Crash on startup after file sync steam


    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected
    Main Menu Globe/Friends

    My local and server content was out of sync, so I received popup in steam asking to either upload my local content or to download from the server. I chose to upload my local content. Since that action I can no longer boot the game. I immediatly get the error popup on start up. Already tried verifying my local content. Tried to reinstall the game. With no success.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Just startup with my steam account or game content.

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    There is nothing to screenshot, I immediatly get the Planet Coaster Crash Report screen upon hitting start in steam. No game screens are shown anymore.

    "Oops it looks like Planet Caoster crashed ..."

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    Issue solved.

    Apparently plays.tv software was causing the issue.

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