Everyday Foods & Drinks contain TOO MUCH SUGAR.

Thread: Everyday Foods & Drinks contain TOO MUCH SUGAR.

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    Everyday Foods & Drinks contain TOO MUCH SUGAR.

    Since this is an Off Topic Thread section, I'd like to point out everyday foods and drinks, contain far too much sugar. People can easily struggle to eat less than 200 grams of sugar a day. It's no wonder why roughly 1 in 3 people suffer from diabetes. A single muffin can easily contain 10-30g of sugar. 250ml fizzy drink or even 100% not-from-concentrate Orange Juice contains around 20g of sugar. There are SOME foods/drinks with no or low sugar content, but it is alarming the amount of food/drinks which contain a lot of sugar. Even one apple can contain as much as 8g of sugar. I heard starch in foods isn't good for the body. And of course, Gluten Free food is overpriced. What's your opinions?
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    I agree. There is even sugar in stuff that's not supposed to have sugar like ham and mayonaise. It's ridiculous and all just to get you 'hooked' to a product under the guise of product longlevity. Being healthy is suspiciously expensive when you are actually suffering from food allergy.
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    I avoid processed sugars wherever I can! I don't have diabetes but I have always tried my best to look after myself and watch what I eat. It's hard to avoid sugars and carbohydrates, most common snack/lunch type foods are loaded with the darn stuff! That's not to say sugar is some universal evil, it's just the quantity of it in every day foods which really do not need it. Some of the worst offenders are those stupid "health'"food bars!

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