A new Planet Coaster fan is coming !

Thread: A new Planet Coaster fan is coming !

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    A new Planet Coaster fan is coming !

    Hi everyone !

    I'm a french fan of Planet Coaster and of (without surprise) coasters and themed parks in general. I apologize if my english isn't always correct, but I fortunetaly understand written english better than spoken english. That's why I decided to register on this wonderful forum.

    I can't wait to spend time here with all of you !

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    Hello! Welcome.
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    Hey Ponchoradis,

    Welcome to the world of Planet Coaster. Nice to have you join us on the forums!

    Have a great time and enjoy the game!
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    Hello and welcome to this amazing community :-) Enjoy your time!
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    Hey Ponchoradis,
    Welcome to Planet Coaster!

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