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    As a big Wrestling fan, WWE 2K18 has now taken over my play time. Although, PlanCo and Elite are now my go to games if I don't fancy WWE
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    Been playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds + PSVR after that awesome sale.

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    Been playing Factorio for a couple of months.
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    Return of the Obra Dinn.

    I can really advise this if you like detective style games.

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    A lot of games..... Except for planet coaster.
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    GTA V.

    But now I want to try Battlefield V . Just don't know from where to buy it. Today is Cyber Monday so I'm looking for online shops with discounts or something. Any online shops to buy Battlefield V cheaper than 50 euro ?


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    - Fortnite
    - Planet Coaster
    - Transport Tycoon Deluxe
    - Zombs Royale

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    Stardew Valley.
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    Originally Posted by Luuknoord View Post (Source)
    Rolling Line
    Yeah, nice Train Simulator! Here is a fun game called German Tram Simulator.

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    Star Wars Battlefront 2
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    Originally Posted by DisneylandFreak View Post (Source)
    Star Wars Battlefront 2
    Can you recommend that?

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    Fallout 76. I found it alright to start with but I've been having mixed feelings about it recently. Fallout 4 still beats it by a country mile.
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